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Down and Out on the Road South

Down and Out on the Road South

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By Jean Campbell

Ever since his foster brother Derek moved in, Cole’s life is full of problems. His foster parents are clueless about Derek’s evil ways. Soon, Cole only has his foster sister, Kaylee, to confide in after he overhears a conversation never meant for his ears. When Derek’s enemies come calling, his only choice is to leave so he can reunite with his uncle and younger brother, Zack, in Texas. Getting out of his hometown in Alaska requires all his smarts yet he makes it to Seattle with the help of Sylvie, who he meets on the bus. She warns him the trip will get much more dangerous. His foster dad is searching for him, so when Cole falls in with two streetwise teens in Seattle he’s ready to follow them down the secret, less traveled roads. As the three make their way south, he discovers a frightening hobo underworld in “the jungle,” and nearly loses everything before meeting up with Sylvie again. When he finally reaches El Paso, Cole is overjoyed to see Zack. And his problems look like they are mostly in the past. He’s in for a shock as the hard reality of his brother’s life hits home.


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