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Dullahan Mountain Breakdown (The Fairy-Tale Mysteries, Book 3)

Dullahan Mountain Breakdown (The Fairy-Tale Mysteries, Book 3)

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By D. H. Parker

At age seven, when Maura Tasgall saw her parents murdered, she gave up on happy endings. Now, if she stays alive long enough to unearth the evil that killed them, she may find justice and closure, but still no happy ending―not unless her mother’s fairy tales weren’t fiction.

What They Are Saying About Dullahan Mountain Breakdown

In my view, the test of a successful science-fiction or fantasy novel is simple. Can I believe in the world created by the writer? Do the fantasy elements ring true? To both of these questions, when applied to D. H. Parker’s Dullahan Mountain Breakdown, my answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Dullahan Mountain Breakdown is a rare enchanting fantasy novel. For all its darkness, it works its way to a redeeming brightness, rather like a shine of fairy gold.

Dorothy Bodoin



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