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Eyes Of Truth: A Kingdom of Naj Mystery

Eyes Of Truth: A Kingdom of Naj Mystery

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By Linda Suzane

When a gardener is found drained of all blood in the distant province of Dak-moon, the Dyamu of Naj sends his brother Dar to solve the crime. With the Eyes of Insu, Dar can tell if someone is lying, but can he find a murderer?

What They Are Saying About Eyes of Truth

“This is a great story, well crafted and a bit more unusual than most fantasy books I've read. There are no goblins and trolls here, but different entities just as interesting, if not more so. The world comes alive and the characters are well drawn, jumping right out of the page. You care what happens to them and I for one would like to read more adventures set in the world of Naj.”

~~ Annette Gisby

author of Silent Screams

Writer Linda Suzane has again produced a work of monumental facility. The mythical world Suzane has created in "Eyes of Truth" is filled with a broad spectrum of characters, localities, morés and situations. All are designed to carry the reader along on a wild ride of excitement. ... presented with dynamic dialogue, powerful action and potent predicaments.”

~~ Molly Martin

“I couldn’t put this book down and cannot say enough good things about it. ... The alien theme is as rich as Asian cultures are supposed to be, exotic, daring and a little frightening at times. Dar cannot be lied to, but the killer may very well be another Insu‑ha that can mask his lies so cunningly as to confuse the Eyes of Truth, and when Dar arrives in Dak‑moon the killings don’t stop, they accelerate... and the bodies are drained of blood...”

~~ Bob Yosco

Issue 57 March 2002

“Eyes of Truth is a well written enjoyable tale that flows easily and keeps the tension right to the very end. It is good to read a story that is not set in the usual pseudo‑medieval world that is favored by so many other authors.”

~~ Lesley Mazey

The Eternal Night .


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