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Fool’s Parsley

Fool’s Parsley

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By N S Patrick

Ione and Archer, two amateur sleuths, are left to unravel a most baffling case of murder in 1923 Boston. Why are police hands tied? What politician caused the case to be closed before solving? Will a mysterious letter involving the murder of a slave in 1864 Georgia hold the key?


What They Are Saying About Fool’s Parsley

 The ignorant classes are the dangerous classes.

—Henry Ward Beecher

You have but to turn the pages of N. S. Patrick’s latest novel, Fool’s Parsley, to step back in time to the turn of the century, to the time of Gatsby, flappers and prohibition. There, the flavor of the era engulfs you—ragtime, jazz, art deco, Stutz Bearcat, bootleg liquor. Woven into this setting is a tale of murder and mayhem.

Enter Archer Reed and Ione Wallace, recognized for their uncanny ability to solve crimes. As members of the upper echelons of society, they offer the readers an insight into this tight-knit group—the best and the worst. This is one mystery you will not want to put down.

—Sylvia Rochester

Author of eleven books

Her latest novel is Deceptive Assassin

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