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Foolish Is The Heart

Foolish Is The Heart

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By Michael Embry

Brandon Wilkes is a 45-year-old sports columnist who has never settled down to the point of marriage. At first it was his career that caused him to go the bachelor route. He became a respected and successful sportswriter. As he grew older, he seemed content to be single the remainder of his life. That's not to say that he didn't have relationships or that women didn't pursue him. He just didn't want to make a permanent commitment to a woman.

He was content with the way things had been in his life. Going to work, meeting friends at the local pub and covering various sports events for Kentucky Sports Weekly. His easy-going lifestyle undergoes changes as some big events happen in his personal and professional life. Brandon tries to come to terms with the direction his life is heading and trying to deal with those things he believes to be important.

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