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Forgotten Roots

Forgotten Roots

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By Richard Whitten Barnes

The Andy Blake Series Book 2

It is 1801 when two lives begin a journey that will intersect thirteen years later at the explosive conclusion of America’s war with Britain.

A young bride sets out from Scotland to a Canadian fur trading outpost only to find her life entwined with an intriguing Voyageur. A runaway thug from the streets of Baltimore finds himself in the Ohio Militia, bound for a final showdown with the British in Northern Canada.

The tragic conclusion two hundred years in the past becomes a mystery for present day cop Andrea Blake to solve. History and passion are intertwined in Forgotten Roots.

What They Are Saying About  Forgotten Roots

Many people these days search for their family genealogy, but how often do individuals discover their true “history”? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could go back in time and “see” the happenings of our ancestors? Forgotten Roots had created that desire within me. Author Richard Whitten Barnes has created strong, interesting characters, and he weaves a story that keeps the reader guessing until the very end as to how these lives are connected. He writes both in the days of the early 1800s and in the present; he pulls those two eras together beautifully. When an author can use descriptive language to get his readers to places via visual imagery, he’s done his job. He was able to wrap my heart around that of the characters, especially one, but I won’t include a spoiler here. As a reader, I feel that I can describe both the world of the 1800’s story and the present-day mystery included in the book, thanks to the wonderful writing of Richard Barnes. Readers who enjoy historical fiction and/or a great mystery will find Forgotten Roots a book of choice for their reading repertoire.

Joyce M. Gilmour


Barnes's engaging novel written in parallel stories will keep you turning the pages until the stories merge to solve a family mystery. You'll learn a lot of history in an entertaining read. Forgotten Roots is a don't-miss story.

Cheryl Norman,

2003 EPIC Award winner

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