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Front Pivot

Front Pivot

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By Chris Boucher

Noel puts on a brave front to mask a secret past. No one knows how hard he works on his game or how far he and his big brother Pax will go to find their answers.

A high school hoops legend, Pax passes on the chance to play college ball after becoming obsessed with their father’s Afghanistan war experience. Officially, their dad died a hero, but with the apparent failure of the US mission over there, and another terror attack, Pax has his doubts. Then, after finishing their dad’s war journal, he disappears without a word.

Noel suspects Pax blames their dad for not finishing the job and feels the need to make up for it. Exactly how he isn’t so sure. But the fact that Pax left in a hurry doesn’t give Noel a good feeling about it. Worse, if everyone in their family has to be a hero, how will he ever measure up?


Go to for more on Chris and his work. You can learn more about Front Pivot and the other books in the Pivot series, read the blog, and find his availability and contact information.


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