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Glimpse of Never Ending Love

Glimpse of Never Ending Love

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By Evanell

Still standing close but no longer touching, Catharine said, “Tyler?”


“Will being together be this exciting if we are married?”

“Yes,” he promised. “We’ll make it this exciting or more.”

Neither said another word, but both knew a commitment of sorts had been made.

He reached inside his breast suit coat pocket and removed the betrothal ring. “You’ll let me know when you’re ready to wear this, won’t you?”

She nodded, staring at the huge diamond solitaire sparkling up at her.

What They Are Saying About Glimpse Of Never Ending Love

I like the intimate feel of Glimpse of Never Ending Love. The heartfelt attraction between Catharine and Tyler is perfect.

—Eden Robins,

All Our Tomorrows

Evanell penned a wonderful and delightful tale to show us Catharine and Tyler's romance. Fairy Fey and guardian angel Rey add touches of magic. Extra spice for this paranormal story comes from time travel and a villain. From beginning to end, this tale entertains.

—Cherie Lee, Associate Editor

Sun Life Magazine

Author and freelance writer

Otherworlds Sci-Fi 2003 Anthology

Sun Life Magazine


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