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Hard Man

Hard Man

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 By A.W. Lambert

Rod Bishop was just fourteen when his wayward father disappeared. Since then, Rod has taken the responsibility for his mother and three younger siblings very seriously. Even while in the military, he’s kept a close eye on the problems at home, sending money and advice when needed. Now, though, an IED in the desert of Afghanistan has ended Rod’s army career and sent him home suffering from PTSD. But Rod isn’t a quitter, and though his physical injuries have healed, mental scars still remain. He’s desperately searching for something to drag him from the depths of despair and self pity the PTSD has him wallowing in. When he is approached by a retired army general from his old regiment and offered a job, it seems the perfect solution. But what at first appears to be the answer to his prayers gradually develops into something completely different. And sinister. With family difficulties developing, and a deep dark secret of his own, Rod finds himself being seduced down a path that could lead to his own destruction.


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