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Hearts Kept Waiting

Hearts Kept Waiting

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By Julianne Elliott

Another unsought fantasy flashed through Melissa's mind, an image of Justin seizing her, kissing her as if his life depended on it, fisting her curls with one hand, dragging her shorts down and off with the other--

Stop it right now! she commanded herself. What on earth has come over you? So what if he has some sort of animal appeal? So what if he would probably oblige you and pin you to the wall right here, right now, without further ceremony, if you showed the slightest interest? He's married. And you're going back to New York in two days.

What They Are Saying About Hearts Kept Waiting

“Hearts Kept Waiting takes the reader on a delightful romp through Melissa Lagomarsino’s changeable heart as she’s hit broadside by love time and again. When she and Justin finally come together it’s passion, energy and—well, time for a cold shower.”

—Cindy Davis,

Voice from the Ashes



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