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Henny and Lloyd, Private Eyes

Henny and Lloyd, Private Eyes

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By John Paulits

Henny and Lloyd, age mid-twenties, have completed their online course in private detecting and are now licensed PIs. They’ve found an office on Centre Street in downtown NYC, a rundown apartment each in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and set out to make their dreams of crime-fighting come true. Henny especially loves the noir 1940s crime era and dresses the part. Double-breasted suits, fedora, toothpicks replacing the more lethal cigarettes of the era. Lloyd is equally dedicated, if less flamboyant. Attaining his current situation is especially gratifying to Lloyd since he had little encouragement from his family. When he told his father he planned to become a dick, his father replied that the only way he’d become a dick was if he changed his name to Richard. Lloyd was thankful the comment wasn’t any worse.

What They Are Saying About Henny and Lloyd

“Henny and Lloyd are two of the sharpest-drawn, and funniest, characters in all of detective fiction, in my view, and as a man with a library of several hundred examples of such fiction, I've met quite a few. Their talents for solving crime are not bad either.”

—Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale, Revisited

“These stories are both humorous and interesting. The Philly police could have used sharp minds like Henny’s and Lloyd’s on the force. Michael Connelly, don't look back. Here comes John Paulits, the new king of suspense. Looking forward to more stories.”

—Bob Swierczewski, Philadelphia Police Lieutenant (Ret.)

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