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Henny and Lloyd’s Biggest Cases

Henny and Lloyd’s Biggest Cases

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By John Paulits

Henny and Lloyd have settled into their dream jobs. Private eyes. Their careers have gotten off to a solid start, and they solved some tricky mysteries, but now some doozies come their way. An innocent request to accompany a young lady on a trip to visit college friends turns into a suspenseful hunt for a murderer. A seemingly easy assignment to guard a valuable Victorian Charles Dickens-themed music box turns into a frantic hunt to find a murderer. A fretful request by a grandfather to help separate his granddaughter from a man not worth her time leads Henny and Lloyd into an intricate web of family tension and murder. A boxer goes missing on the eve of his challenge for the middleweight championship of the world, and Henny and Lloyd are hired to find him and get him to Madison Square Garden. Or else. Follow the adventures of two crack detectives, with a side dish of crime noir. Join the boys in their exciting, off-kilter adventures and watch them succeed where few others in their line of work could ever hope to.

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