By John Paulits

A murder in a flower shop sends Henny and Lloyd on a not-so-merry chase into the mysterious family dynamics of a clan who live by their own rules. But nothing is too bizarre for Henny and Lloyd. Noses to the grindstone they follow the clues and shock even themselves when they lay bare the facts of the matter and uncover the events that led to the murder in the flower shop. Then they are hired by a nine-year-old girl who plops her piggy bank on Lloyd’s desk and describes her problem. Our heroes take her case, which proves to be anything but childish, and in this instance, do a family some good. As that escapade comes to a close, an old man totters into the office of Henny and Lloyd and begs them to take on an assignment they realize has no chance of coming to a happy conclusion. Yet, they agree to help the old man and see the mystery through to its end, whether to a happy conclusion or otherwise, time will tell.

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