By Savannah Michaels

Brandi Alexander is having a tough day. Already, her fiance’s mother has thrown $50,000 in cash at her, demanding that she break off her engagement. Then she adds a dangerous threat to the bribe. What’s a girl to do? Her day gets worse when a teenager arrives at her door, drops a baby in her arms, and asks her to raise it. And she disappears! Brandi’s ‘what’s next?’ turns to ‘what if…?’ She knows firsthand about the frustrations of being abandoned and the circus of foster care homes and our legal system.

She calls Zack Morgan, her former foster brother. As an undercover cop from St. Louis, Missouri, he’d know what to do. Boy, does Zack know what he wants to do! If only he could get Brandi to see that they were made for each other…. Love is a complicated affair when it’s mixed with more secrets than Watergate, a vengeful ex-fiance, emotional conflicts of becoming a mother overnight, and facing the fact that Zack is much, much more than a friend.

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