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Incredible Witness

Incredible Witness

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By J. D. Webb

One of our long-time authors has organized a collection of his short stories which includes:

Credible Witness - homeless veteran accused of murder has no hope of proving his innocence.

Stuck in Valhalla – a man from Rhode Island stops for gas and becomes a target to help complete a patriotic cemetery. Twilight Zone meets the Ozarks.

Turnabout Is Fair Play – a husband decides to terminate his wife after she tries to terminate him.

The Drifter – Todd Mitchel’s wife and young son are killed. The occupants of the van who impacted their car are fleeing from a robbery. Through a bungled investigation they will not be charged with the deaths. Todd won’t let them go unpunished.

Premonition – A traveler’s premonition proves prophetic

Final Conviction – Death row convict minutes away from execution waits for word from the governor.

Give Up the Ghost – A couple of ghost hunters travel to Europe to visit a haunted castle. It proves to be deadly and haunted.

The Key to Christmas – Bus driver collects Christmas donations for the Salvation Army. A key is dropped into his bucket. It could lead to a treasure if he could only figure out what the key unlocks.

And more.


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