Kind Heart

By Carolyn Ann Aish

King Cyranius is a woman-hater, and Lady Jennava hates most men. This does not prevent them from secretly falling in love. But a phantom-like masked man towering between them crushes loves petals before they bloom...

Royalty, romance, mystery, escapism—this book has it all. Just remember to breathe.

What They Are Saying About Kind Heart

Written in the style that is uniquely Carolyn Ann Aish, KIND HEART is an exciting medieval mix of intrigue, romance, subterfuge, and secret identities. The reader is swiftly pulled deep into this fast-paced adventure as those who move in royal circles strive to fulfill their desires and destinies, often with little regard to those who get in the way.

David L. Repsher, editor

Scribes Valley Publishing Company

Knoxville TN