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Lands End

Lands End

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By Joyce Johnson

A young woman, Laura Summers, finds a lovely art deco bracelet while walking the labyrinth inside Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. After putting the bracelet in her pocket, she continues walking. When she reaches the end, she hears a cough inside the cathedral which startles her. Tom Edwards introduces himself and offers to fix the clasp as he is a jeweler. They have Mexican cocoa at a nearby restaurant and he offers to return the bracelet a week later.

Tom begins showing Laura San Francisco’s mansions and other sights. Unknown to Laura, he belongs to a group that makes duplicate copies of expensive jewelry and switches copies for the real ones without the owners’ knowledge. As their the relationship deepens, his partners become concerned about Laura discovering the truth and exposing them. Max, his boss, and Rita, his supposed half-sister, are worried but not as concerned as Eric, the brawny side of the operation, who’s jealous of Tom’s good looks and easy manner with wealthy contacts. As the tension mounts, it’s clear that a relationship between Tom and Laura cannot continue and a showdown is brewing.


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