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Las Vegas Dead: An Art Decco PI Mystery

Las Vegas Dead: An Art Decco PI Mystery

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By Jim Daddio

P.I. Art Decco loves to play poker. He is playing a game called Omaha and is spending all of his free time “drowning in Omaha.” At the table he receives a call for his boss at Tender and Dover, Security and Investigation Services, to find a runaway seventeen year old girl. Art is told to find her and be as discrete as possible. Art learns that she is no ordinary teenager. She is Danielle Augusta, known world wide as ‘Dani.’ The most recognized and famous super model in the world. They all know if the word is out that she is missing the paparazzi would be out in full force.

Art tracks her to Las Vegas where he learns that a tough, mean and well known figure, The Chief, is also been hired to find her. What Art doesn’t know that her father had another agenda; The Chief has orders to find her and end her life.

In a dramatic climax Art comes face to fact with The Chief on the worlds fastest roller coaster atop the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas. As the roller coaster whips around the top Art and The Chief are on the ride fighting not to be “Las Vegas Dead.”

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