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Life On The Homestead (The Homesteader Series Book 4)

Life On The Homestead (The Homesteader Series Book 4)

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By Mary Jean Kelso

Charlie studied the baby. “Why’s his eyes so slanted? And why’s his skin so light? You and me’s more deep brown. How come he’s so much lighter, Effie Mae? You tol’ me I was the first.”

“You was, Charlie.” she lowered her eyes.

“We was married. What’d you do, Effie Mae?”

What They Are Saying About Life on the Homestead

Mary Jean Kelso’s historical romance, “Life on the Homestead,” was not only entertaining, but also informative about western life! Western fiction has been a passion of mine now for several years. I confess that Louis L’Amour is my favorite and I actually get a little bored with Zane Grey. Ms. Kelso’s book, while teaching me some new facts about life on the range, kept me in suspense the whole way through and I didn’t want to stop reading.

I fell in love with the Westerman family and agonized along with them as they dealt not only with the day-to-day chores and other tribulations that western pioneer families faced, but also with great adversities such as mental illness, cattle rustling, and severe childhood illness. Ms. Kelso dealt with racism as Charlie Cooper and his new wife, Effie Mae, a black couple settling onto the range, have to fear for their lives.

Despite all of the drama in the book, there are some wonderfully humorous portions, too, especially the marble game and a small matter about one boy who is not very good at handling guns. The book is action-packed and flows well, yet there is no blood or death—which is very refreshing. I’m ready for more!

Book Review By:

Claudia Valiquet,

Publicist/Literary Agent


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