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Love Wins

Love Wins

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By Dalia Trevino

Only one thing can make the Duke of Alderburgh enter into a society that he despises. For the honor attached to the Alderburgh name to be obscured by a scandal not of his making, can Simon do what he must?

Lady Georgiana Hazeldon finds her parents have finally made a match for her. But the reason behind the choice does not endear her to the gentleman any more than his actions to her before they are introduced.

What They Are Saying About Love Wins

I truly enjoyed Love Wins by Dalia Trevino ,though not my usual genre I found I was so totally within the story I could not put the book down. I trust more compelling tales will flow from the mind of Dalia.

—A. Dee Carey

Wings Fantasy Novelist

The Fox Lady

Dalia Trevino tells a very sensuous Regency love story in Love Wins, one you will enjoy reading.

—Rhobin Courtright.

This book is a can't-put-it-down-until-the-end read. You go from one calamity to the next, just hoping that somehow your two new friends will be able to conquer the many challenges that confront them. Both the characters and the pacing make Love Wins a novel that you won't soon forget.

—Lois Wencil

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