By Lilly Linville   

Moving to Pleasant Grove, North Carolina in the spring of 1948 had been a mutual decision for Joe and Mariah Hodges. He hadn’t been able to find work back in Kentucky and the offer to work for Jacob Grayson on his farm was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially with a small house being part of the deal.

It’s winter and the first holidays Mariah’s ever spent away from family. She is so homesick, she considers taking a bus back home, but Joe reminds her with their first child due the end of December, it wouldn’t be possible. He promised her he’d take her back, but hoped she’d reconsider after the baby is born.

She has never experienced such a deep feeling of sadness and when a large yellow Lab shows up, her spirits are lifted by his companionship. The dog seems to sense her feelings and keeps her company while Joe is busy with his farming responsibilities.

What They Are Saying About Mariah’s Gift

In this wonderful novel, Mariah’s Gift the reader is transported to a simpler time and place. The characters are well drawn and will keep you rooting for then throughout the novel. The surprise ending will leave the reader not only satisfied, but will make them smile as well.

Lynette Hall Hampton

Author of The Ferrington Men Series

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