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Meet Me on Spirit Lane

Meet Me on Spirit Lane

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By Dorothy Bodoin

The abandoned Victorian house on Spirit Lane in Foxglove Corners, Michigan, has a strange reputation. At times it bursts into life with the bright lights, music, and laughter of a Christmas party in progress. Then, in the blink of an eye, all signs of a merry gathering vanish and the house is dark and silent again, the spirits having returned to another world. After hearing the story from her young friends, Dogfinders Jennifer and Molly, who are searching for a runaway collie puppy seen in the area, Jennet agrees to accompany the girls on a brief exploration of the alleged haunted house.

But danger lurks in the empty rooms, and the discovery of a party favor suggests that the Christmas party really occurred. Soon after, the body of a young woman with a vague resemblance to Jennet is found on rusting railroad tracks on a slope above the house. Who was she? Who murdered her, and is this crime connected with the house and two cold case disappearances?

After a series of mishaps Jennet uncovers the secret of the ill-fated party, unaware that she has attracted the attention of a person who has every reason to keep that event hidden. By now it is too late for Jennet to backtrack. She must confront and defeat a demented killer who is determined to add her to a growing list of murder victims.

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