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Memory And Desire

Memory And Desire

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By Jeannine Van Eperen

When Roxanne Richards walks into a small bistro on a Caribbean island, she had no intention of changing the life of a handsome, destitute island teenager. But she does.

They walked beside the blue ocean. Gentle waves lapped the shore. She ran ahead playfully. She turned, laughing, brown eyes sparkling, before she splashed into the water. He followed after. The water wet her legs, then the skirt of her white dress. She looked back once again and beckoned him. He frowned, confusion filled him. It wasn’t the ocean, but a clear pond. Water suddenly began swirling, and she was drawn under, twirling in the eddy, spinning around and around. He raced toward her, his heart pounding. He called to her. “Solonge!” Her white skirt billowed and twisted under the water, she floundered going under. Her dark tresses floated upward as she descended. Her hand reached out. He ran fighting the water, but could not reach her. Then he was caught in the maelstrom, spinning...but he didn’t go under. He was left to anguish with nothing...only memory and desire.

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