By L. C. Wright

When his longtime friend is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, Detective Adam Shaw has to go outside normal channels to get the help he needs. There’s a rat in the department and he can’t use anyone he would normally trust to solve a crime. The line between trusted friends and sworn enemies blurs; the black and white world of Shaw’s life suddenly shifts to gray.

Turning to an unorthodox PI buddy who solicits the help of a lesbian co-worker, who gets help from a dominatrix girlfriend, who uses the inside track of her submissive, transvestite, police bureaucrat, they search to find the truth. Together, these social eccentrics help Shaw discover the evidence necessary to solve the murder and the dirty cops on the force. Shaw discovers friends he never knew and enemies he thought to be friends.

What he also finds is that trust and loyalty can blind a man and kill the innocent.


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