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Moon Over Chicago

Moon Over Chicago

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By J. D. Webb

When cobbler Fulton Moon meets the beautiful Lucy Mathews, she asks him to help her escape her abusive florist husband. An easy task for the amateur sleuth. But nothing is ever easy around Lucy and soon the muggings, a kidnapping, blackmail and, oh yes, even murder begins.

What They Are Saying About Moon Over Chicago

Moon Over Chicago is an enjoyable mystery. Readers are treated to a colorful narrative of Chicago as Fulton charges full steam in keeping his friends out of harms way as he aids Lucy in her escape from Arthur Mathew’s. The plot develops at a well timed pace and there are plenty of twists and turns on the way. Along with the action there are plenty of laughs with Fulton’s humorous point of view.

I highly recommend Moon Over Chicago and give it four out of five stars.

—D K Gaston
Gaston Book Reviews


I loved the undertone of Chicago’s underworld in this tale of Fulton Moon, Private Detective’s tactics to correct society’s wrongs, and to protect the innocent. But as tough as he likes to think of himself, he still has a soft spot in his heart for a pretty face. Much to his chagrin.

There is a lot of great background color to this hard hitting, fast moving tale.

—JoEllen Conger

Conger Book Reviews

Moon Over Chicago by J.D. Webb. What a fun read! Fulton (Full) Moon is a shoe cobbler like none you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t take kindly to threats and has a contagious curiosity. When a supposedly battered wife comes to him for protection, little does he know that her husband, who owns a flower shop and a multitude of exotic cars as a front, is a tough guy with tougher friends. It gets worse and worse, as he is beaten up and his livelihood in the shoe repair shop, Moonshines, is threatened by the angry husband. The seemingly vulnerable gangster’s wife has entrusted him with something that could blow the lid off and when she wants it back, we find out that we shouldn’t trust first impressions.

J.D. writes in a funny, tongue-in-cheek style that is reminiscent of 1940’s mystery series like Phillip Marlowe. It is a joy from front to back and leaves you wanting to read another of his books.

—Morgan St. James

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