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Nelda’s Homecoming

Nelda’s Homecoming

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By Agnes Alexander

Nelda Gentry Barrington believes her husband, Major Spencer Barrington, has a mistress. She decides to run to her home town and divorce him in spite of the fact that divorce is frowned on in 1879. On a special mission for the government, and knowing her life would be in danger if she knew the truth, Spencer refuses to tell Nelda who the beautiful Antoinette really is.

What They Are Saying About Nelda’s Homecoming

Scoundrels, working girls, royalty, and murder! Nelda’s Homecoming delivers a taste of the old West with cowboys and lawmen along with frontier women who are quick to take matters into their own hands. Agnes Alexander shines again with another trademark western, this time adding a mystery layer complete with a lurking killer. A lot of western, some romance, and some mystery put Nelda’s Homecoming in the can't-put-it-down category.

—Lynn Chandler Willis

Award-winning author of Tell Me No Secrets,

Tell Me You Love Me, and Shamus Award finalist

Nelda Gentry Barrington was married to the love of her life, Major Spencer Barrington. She trusted her husband and cared for him deeply and loved the life they were building. Then the gossip started and stories about another woman. She didn't want to believe what she was hearing but proof made it hard to ignore. But a more menacing secret lay between them, a secret that could not only destroy her marriage and take away the man she loved, but if Nelda discovered the real truth, she could lose everything, including her life.

—Karen Fritz author of Crossroads and Blind Vision

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