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By Vera Berry Burrows

When Julietta Falcioni's broken relationship inspires her to take a break from her wedding planning company in New York, she could never have anticipated that she would find herself mixed up with an elite escort agency in Rome. Will she escape, or will those who demand revenge eventually satisfy their own needs for nefarious payback?

What They Are Saying About Payback

Payback focuses on the nature of revenge and an eye-for-an-eye concept among the characters. The topic of turning vulnerable girls into prostitutes, and the shady dealings fuelled by this situation, is far from the usual story content from this author and usually would not interest me. However, the storyline gripped me, pulling me in to empathise with the main character, Julietta. I found myself guessing the outcome as she searched for safety and happiness. The story shows contrasting characters, scrutinising each one’s needs and clearly showing the devastating impacts of abuse. The circumstances are sometimes unsettling for the reader as this crime fantasy combines the ordinariness of human nature seeking the satisfaction of revenge—payback. Overall, the scenes are well written and provide a very enjoyable, thought-provoking book.

—Victoria Seedsman, Clear Island Waters

Gold Coast. Qld.

Another great story from Vera Berry Burrows. Payback is a very different book from Vera’s previous novels and I was intrigued from the first page.

 I love the strong female characters and the fast-moving plot. Julietta unknowingly finds herself caught up in a dangerous situation that could quickly turn into international headlines. Who can she trust? Her ex, Ryan, hurt her so badly and Luca is a man she dislikes.

Payback will keep you turning the pages. You won’t want to put it down.

—Karen Snowden, Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, Qld.

The author embarks on an entirely different concept when following a relationship breakdown. Julietta Francioni, the successful daughter of an eminent New York lawyer, unknowingly becomes the subject of a seedy criminal plan. Full of twists and turns as she tries to break free, Payback has the reader gripped from beginning to end.

—Carole Cullen

Bilambil Heights, NWS.

Author Vera Berry Burrows skilfully turns her beautiful young heroine's attempt to escape broken love and heartache by searching for solace in the ancient city of Rome. Instead she finds herself tricked and trapped in a nightmare scenario among the low life, often violent, characters who prey on that most ancient of professions—vice, and a ring of escort girls, manipulated by a mysterious and ruthless Mr Big. The tension is continued to the last few lines. It's one of those books that, once you get familiar with the characters, you find yourself urging on the good guys and hoping the nasties get their comeuppance. A warning: once you pick up this book it's hard to put down.

—Monty Greenlaw

UK-born journalist and author




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