Phantom in the Pond (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 28)

By Dorothy Bodoin

Brent Fowler’s plan to open a home for geriatric collies in Foxglove Corners runs into a snag when an old mystery threatens the lives of present day residents.

What They Are Saying About Phantom in the Pond

Dorothy Bodoin is at her best with Phantom in the Pond.

Jennet’s friend, Brent, shows his generous heart when he gets ready to open a place where older collies can live out the rest of their days. When Jennet drives to the house, she takes her collie, Misty, with her. Misty looks into a pond to see her reflection, but instead that of another collie looks back at her, and that’s not the only strange thing to happen.

Annica and Lucy, Jennet’s friends, travel to the house with her and suddenly they’re up to their necks in oddities. Could a previous tenant, a writer named Holly, still linger on the property after disappearing? Along with her collie?

To add a degree of angst, a dog transportation scam occurs and the dogs aren’t arriving at their final destination.

Ms. Bodoin will keep you glued to the pages right up to the end. I couldn’t put it down, but that often happens with books in this series.

—Marja McGraw

Author of the Sandi Webster Mysteries and

The Bogey Man Mysteries