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Risk Takers (The Wanamakers Book 2)

Risk Takers (The Wanamakers Book 2)

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By Eleanor Cocreham

The restoration of an abandoned house forces two unlikely people to work together—an uninhibited supermodel who flaunts her sexuality and a divorced-scarred architect desperate to ignore the woman representing the antithesis of everything he wants in a mate.

Will love prove to be the risk worth taking?

What They Are Saying About Risk Takers

Eleanor Cocreham has done it again—another epic tale of romance. In Risk Takers, the sequel to Choice Makers, Eleanor takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure from the fashion runways of Paris to the highest echelons of American society. Fascinating characters and convoluted sub-plots offer an escape from the ordinary.

Sparks fly when super model Emily Wannamaker and architect Mike Randolph meet, but one calamitous event after the other turns a possible relationship into a war of obstinacy. Despite past demons and the fear of uncertainty, their hunger for one another intensifies. Can they shed the shackles of the past? Are they willing to risk everything for love?

—Sylvia Rochester,

Shadow of the Soul

Risk Takers, the second book in the Wanamaker series is as exciting and sensual as Choice Makers. Pair an irresistible woman searching for herself and a man trying to avoid women, and sooner or later things have to heat up. Yet even as their passion grows, Emily and Mike fear commitment, and try everything they can to avoid the truth of their feelings for one another—until a horrific accident brings them together again and they realize that their love and need for one another is far stronger than their differences. You won’t want to put this one down, either.

—Elaine Gran

Rita Finalist Make-Believe Mom

An Ideal Father

Harlequin Superromance

A true family saga the like of which was never seen by the Waltons. Everything is challenged, morality, fidelity, even legality. Risk Takers exposes the not so pretty underbelly of the glamorous world of models. Each chapter reveals another aspect of this tightly crafted tale. Ms. Cocreham has once again woven a story that both entertains and enlightens. The author unfolds not only the story but the multi-layers of her characters. You see their flaws and how they grow in spite of them. The reader has a stake in the outcome and finds themselves compelled to turn each page until the final page. This reviewer is continually amazed at this author’s ability to create multi-leveled and cleverly interwoven tales that so engage the reader. Rather than reveal any of her tale I will simply say this book rates a five out of five. You really must read this book.

—A. Dee Carey

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The Fox Lady

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