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Rory's Prince Charming

Rory's Prince Charming

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By Patricia S. Otto

Ian McKenna is on his way home to the family Kentucky horse farm when he acquires indentured servant Rory Worth. The feisty woman has one year left on her contract and jumps at the deal he offers to cut it in half--Pose as his wife to prove to his family that he has settled down.

The 'newlyweds' arrive home to discover Father is dead and has left a will keeping Ian from inheriting the farm unless he can prove himself. Attraction grows between Ian and his business savvy "pseudo-wife". But Rory has promised to free a slave friend and has been stealing from her owners to finance it. Ian wants her to want to stay more than she wants to be free. Rory wants to keep her promise and spare Ian heartbreak. Can love make it all possible?
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