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Rubicon Harvest

Rubicon Harvest

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By C. W. Kesting

Rubicon Harvest offers a futuristic world in which the issues surrounding the utilization of embryonic stem cells have been long resolved and diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s have been completely eradicated through the Advanced Stem Cell Initiative. Technological breakthroughs in optical computer processing, human genomics, and the globalization of governments through corporate economics have thrust society into quantum leaps of forced adaptation.

What They Are Saying About Rubicon Harvest

Technology and medical research continue to take us far beyond what we have known. Rubicon Harvest by C. W. Kesting carries the reader even further; step by thrilling step. A strong premise captures readers; interesting characters and the stark issues underlying society draw you further into this world. You’ll laugh, cry, cheer and curse, coming away subtly educated. And more importantly... you will be entertained!

—*lizzie starr

~romance with a sparkling twist~

Chilling and intense, Kesting's Rubicon Harvest takes you to a time and place none of us really want to go… yet it's just around the corner. Strong descriptions and dialog lock you into the story and compel you along its dark journey into a society that seems all too real and inevitable, but shines here and there with the bright human qualities that flash hope and salvation against the architects of despair and destruction.

—G. David Clark

Sunset Dancer


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