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Sarah Helps Santa: A Christmas Fantasy

Sarah Helps Santa: A Christmas Fantasy

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By Gay N. Lewis

Nick Claus, the single son of Santa, hates cold weather. He must marry, find a southern location for the family business, and relocate the North Pole operation—all within a year! Haphazard Sarah, the bumbling angel, follows Nick from California to Florida, but discovers no mate. Can Sarah find one for Nick in Texas? Will Texas become the new North Pole?

What They Are Saying About Sarah Helps Santa: A Christmas Fantasy

Gay Lewis makes fantasy become real with the funny antics of the lovely angel, Sarah. This story makes me not only believe in Santa again, but I'd also love to have the North Pole operations moved to Texas! I laughed out loud in places. Sarah, coming out of the ladies’ restroom as a grandpa was hilarious. And the scene where she accidentally walloped Nick on the back of the head with a wonton? Oh my! I loved the names of the elves, too. This is a perfect book for adults to read, and they can read it to kids any time of the year.

—Melissa Helms

Registration Administrator, Access Intelligence

This is one of the sweetest, most endearing novels I’ve read in a long time. Being an avid Sarah fan, I couldn’t miss her next assignment, but this one was awe-inspiring. Sarah’s current charge, Nick, was none other than the son of Santa Claus. Nick had been given a large responsibility himself—find a wife. Sarah steps in, but the hard part is making Nick’s intended, Julie, believe. Through a magical, well-written tale, a match is made. While a vast array of characters played by the transformed Sarah help Julie understand, she has to trust herself to find that dreams really do come true.

—Victoria Pitts Caine, best-selling novelist.

Just when I think I’ve read the best of Gay Lewis and her quirky angel, Sarah, Mrs. Lewis releases yet another over-the-top-wonderful story full of Sarah’s angelic antics to help humans understand there is a world beyond our ability to comprehend. A world created and promised by our sovereign Almighty God and His son Jesus Christ, whose love and power is beyond our ability to fathom.

Mrs. Lewis hits the nail of truth when Julie has trouble believing she is actually seeing and experiencing supernatural events. events most humans have lost the desire and ability to believe exist. Can Nick Claus convince her he’s not crazy—they are real?

Having twice experienced what can only be explained as entertaining angels unaware, this particular Sarah story was more than an enjoyable read…it made me desire to be quiet and attuned to what God’s plan is for me. I especially enjoy Sarah’s joy in loving and giving glory to the Father, Son, and Spirit, which causes me to examine my love, faith, and obedience to Him. Great story. Great read. Wish there could be more than a 5-Star Review!

—DiAne N. Gates

Author of the Y.A. Roped Series~Roped, Twisted, and (WIP) Untied; Faith from Fiction; Heavenly Company, Entertaining Angels Unaware; and Heart “wings” Devotionals.

Gay N. Lewis does it again in this Sarah adventure. The idea of Santa moving the North Pole to Midland, TX was a novel approach to a Christmas story. This book is appropriate for all ages. Kids will love it.”

—Dirk Wilner, a dad who reads to his daughter

What a delightful whimsical tale that may one day be as much a part of a child’s Christmas as Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer! As is usual for Sarah, the dyslexic romance angel is sent down from the Heavenlies to assist couples in finding suitable mates. Ms. Gay N. Lewis challenges Sarah to find a mate for Nick Claus, the only child of Santa. Nick, fed up with the icy cold weather at the North Pole, wants to relocate the entire operation to a warmer climate. For various reasons, he finds it difficult to proceed with his plans. As always, Sarah, with the help of her angel friend, Gabriella, succeeds in assisting Nick with choosing the right person to fill his needs.

—Dr. Juanita Blezinger, Retired Educator

Gay N. Lewis has a way with words that clearly defines her protagonist’s heartfelt guidance. With Sarah as the angelic vessel through which modern-day issues are solved, Lewis is able to focus on all of the goodness that is meant for each character, mixed with humor and practicality. No matter the size of the issue, nor the bumbling that Sarah appears to add to the mix, the outcome is a wonderful creation of the type of story we’d all imagine our own celestial guide to be journeying through. She writes it with ease in a manner that makes Sarah appeal to our sensibilities: grounded and yet whimsical enough to be entertaining!

—Spring Sault, Writer, Texas Media Group


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