By Jeanne Howard

Before free love, sit-ins and the hippies of the late ‘60s, there was an era of strict rules governing social conduct that were well defined and enforced by public opinion and a strong moral code. It is during this time that a young coed, Joanna Ransome, is introduced to handsome married professor, Jared Fowler. That seemingly insignificant event changes the course of her life.

Together they dare to defy the conventions of their time. Once they have begun, they are powerless to break the connection … until one of them takes a step that has tragic consequences. Seasons of Forgetting chronicles their tumultuous relationship through four decades. It is the story of two people who should never have fallen in love.

What they are saying about Seasons Of Forgetting

“It’s not your average predictable romance novel. A compelling book that creates characters so realistic you will share in their happiness, pain, frustrations and love. So emotional that you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that it’s only a book. Jeanne Howard is an inspirational writer who tells a story with passion and conviction.”

—Joy Snyder,

Women on Writing Spotlight Editor

Seasons of Forgetting shows Jeanne Howard to have a genuine gift for entertaining and involved storytelling.”

—Midwest Book Review

“I will not soon forget this poignant and intelligent novel. Joanna and Jared’s doomed love affair has left an indelible impression on this reviewer. I just wish I could shake off the yearning for a second chance at a happy ending, for a season that isn’t colored by the awful pain of remembrance.”

—Cheryl Jeffries,