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Shades of Envy (A Samantha Barclay Mystery Book 4)

Shades of Envy (A Samantha Barclay Mystery Book 4)

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By Suzanne M. Hurley.

Dead bodies are stacking up! Teenagers want to be vampires! The sheriff is acting secretive! Psychologist Samantha Barclay sets out on a wild ride to uncover the truth. Her discoveries lead to confrontations of the deadly kind. Will she survive with her life, as well as her heart, intact.

What They Are Saying About Shades of Envy

Samantha Barclay, Milton High School counselor in Paxton, West Virginia has a nose for trouble, but the truth be known she doesn’t have to look for it, it has a way of stalking her. This multi-faceted plot will lead you to the emotional depths of Munchausen by proxy, clinical avarice, as well as the deep dark secrets of a new vampire cult taking over the school’s teenagers.

Joan Powell

In SHADES OF ENVY Suzanne Hurley demonstrates again that she has a firm handle on the sources of teen aged angst; on anorexia, problems with parents, and the current vampire craze that has lured a frightening number of students into its web.

How Samantha solves the murder mysteries and unmasks the killer make fascinating reading as do the developments in her relationship with Sheriff Al Michaels that culminate in one of the book’s surprises.

Ms. Hurley’s characters are the kind the reader is likely to encounter in every day life. The suspense is unrelenting, the stakes high, and the plot memorable for its twists and turns. Best of all, the ending hints at a new stage in Samantha’s career and new trouble brewing for a future Samantha book. SHADES OF ENVY deserves many stars. It’s a fast-paced, enjoyable mystery read.

Dorothy Bodoin

Shades of Envy is the latest edition in the Samantha Barclay Series. Author Suzanne Hurley is right on her game and her story gets you “Right between the eyes.” Right from the green cover to the complicated relationship Samantha has with her handsome boyfriend Sheriff Al Michaels the seeds of envy are planted. Is Al Michaels seeing someone else? Is his new partner Krissy trying to take her boyfriend away?

It all starts with a former girlfriend of Al Michaels. She is murdered in a church. Samantha finds the body and begins to follow the clues. One step ahead of the police, Samantha is always trying to put the pieces together. Al refers to her as ‘Freud’ for her compulsion to analyze every situation looking for motives. Samantha investigates the eating disorder clinic, Gina’s Place. A cast of interesting characters surrounding the clinic provide plenty of mystery. What role does the past play in the present murders? And how does this all fit into the present events?

Author Suzanne Hurley offers a great addition to her Samantha Barclay series. Envy and jealously rear their ugly head. A must read!!!

Peter Hurley

Suzanne Hurley's fourth Samantha Barclay novel, Shades of Envy, is packed with action, mystery, suspense, romance and of course delicious baked goods!

Hurley's detailed description of the people, places and things make you feel as if you yourself are Samantha Barclay, trying to solve the tragic murders of some of Paxton's beautiful, young women. Plus, you'll find that you can almost taste the homemade food from Connan's, Paxton's only restaurant.

Hurley has an impeccable way of telling a story full of surprising twists and turns that makes small town Paxton, West Virginia more exciting than the big city.

Don't miss out on this exciting fourth installment of the Samantha Barclay series!

Lesley Hager


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