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Shepherd's Pie (Mike Shepherd, Private Eye Book 1)

Shepherd's Pie (Mike Shepherd, Private Eye Book 1)

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By J. D. Webb

Detective Mike Shepherd chases sadistic Ferlin Husky Lewis, a self-proclaimed survivalist, who escaped from police. Shepherd ruins his only suit, misses an important dinner date, and loses Lewis.

Ferlin, so incensed by Mike chasing him, decides to murder Mike and anyone who gets in the way.

What They Are Saying About Shepherd’s Pie

With Shepherd’s Pie, J.D. Webb dishes up a deliciously enticing concoction. Part cat-and-mouse thriller, part tongue-in-cheek send up of the tough P.I. genre, Webb’s story is chock full of genuine thrills and hilarious tidbits. His tough and terse fiction might easily brand him as the Mickey Spillane of the Midwest. Give him a try. I think you’ll find yourself quickly hooked by this tasty offering.

—William Kent Krueger

Copper River


I liked the masculine voice of this “Mike Hammer” style shoot-um-up. Private Detective, Michael Shepherd has his impressive military background, and past police training to help keep him out of trouble. But then, along comes the most cold-blooded, steel-hearted man he has ever run into.

Ferlin Lewis evilly threatens and intimidates every person Mike has ever loved, and one-by-one vengefully slays his apartment building neighbors. Ferlin even plays cat-n-mouse with Shepherd’s girl friend, Diana, just to watch his enemy squirm. Yet, Mike knows that somehow he can’t allow Ferlin to escape again. He must draw upon his every survival instinct just to survive. He must track down this psychopath who doesn’t deserve to live.

—JoEllen Conger

Cinderella And The Stripper

Meet Mike Shepherd, Chicago’s pie-loving P. I., whose on-again, off-again relationship with lady-friend Diana rivals that of Spenser and Susan. When former cop Mike’s longtime nemesis, madman Ferlin Husky Lewis, kidnaps Diana with murderous intent, the chase is on—but just who’s chasing whom? The action never lets up in a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse as Lewis toys with his prey and wreaks havoc with Mike’s colleagues and neighbors.

The gents will savor the rock ‘em, sock ‘em action, and the ladies will relish the romance, as Mike, Diana and their cadre of resourceful friends dish up a story with something for almost every taste.

If you have an appetite for nonstop action with a satisfying dollop of romance, help yourself to Shepherd’s Pie served up J. D. Webb style. I guarantee you won’t go away hungry.

—Judith K. Ivie, Author

Waiting for Armando

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