By Dorothy Bodoin

It’s Christmastime in Foxglove Corners where danger mixes with holiday cheer. A skater who fell through the ice fifty years ago returns to haunt the lake where she died. Meanwhile, a woman trips over a reindeer dog toy left on a step and falls to her death. Her friend spreads a rumor that the collie, Gemini, plotted her owner’s death.

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Could a collie cold-bloodedly plan and carry out the murder of her owner? The nasty rumor spreading through Foxglove Corners says beautiful Gemini did just that. Jennet Ferguson, with three collies of her own, knows the idea is ridiculous. Who would want to frame a collie for murder? Why not accept the woman's tragic death as the accident it must have been?

Besides her anger at the collie rumor, Jennet hasn't quite got over the fright of seeing a skater fall through the ice of Sunset Lake. Who is the girl? Where is she?

Jennet's preparations for Christmas and a family wedding on New Year's Eve are haunted by her desire to identify the skater and to clear Gemini from such an atrocious accusation. Then somebody mentions murder. Will Jennet live to celebrate either of the joyful family occasions she and her husband, Crane, have planned?

I always look forward to returning to Foxglove Corners and another visit with Jennet, Crane, their collies, friends and family. Spirit of the Season is Ms. Bodoin's tenth Foxglove Corners book. If you've been with Jennet since book #1, settle in for another great read. If not, it's time! Ms. Bodoin's excellent writing and the residents of Foxglove Corners will pull you so deeply into the Spirit of the Season that you won't want to stop reading even when you've reached the end.

Highly recommended for all readers.

D.H. Parker

Spirit of the Season is the newest and tenth book in Ms. Bodoin’s delightful Foxglove Corner series. Readers will be thrilled to be back in the lives of Jennet, Crane and their beautiful collies, as well as with their friends and family. This book is another masterpiece delivered by an extremely talented author.

In Spirit of the Season, it’s Christmas time in Foxglove Corners. Ms. Bodoin’s descriptions of this joyful season will make you feel that you’re right there, enjoying every second. Snow falling, tree decorating, touring homes covered in Christmas decorations, and baking, will make you wish it were Christmas now, even in the midst of summer. Her words are so real, you will find yourself trying to reach out to hold the falling snowflakes in your hands.

In the first chapter, Ms. Bodoin immediately draws you in, with Jennet viewing what she later discovers is an apparition of a young girl skating on a frozen lake. The ice cracks open and the girl falls from sight. Ghostly visions of this young woman, along with a mysterious chestnut colored collie running loose, will haunt the reader as much as they haunt Jennet. The plot also thickens with the mysterious accusation that a dog stands accused of killing her owner. How shocking is that?

Jennet is also keeping busy by not only solving mysteries, but still teaching full time. She also joins a group to rescue abandoned collies. Much to my delight, there is a wedding. Sweet Camille, who lives across the road from Jennet, will be married on New Year’s Eve, with Jennet as her maid of honor. Let’s not forget the love triangle between Julie, Jennet’s sister, and Leonora, Jennet’s colleague and friend, guaranteed to keep you barreling on to the end to find out what happens.

Spirit of the Season is a must read, as it is action packed with mysteries of the murder kind, the paranormal kind, and the romantic kind. This book will stand alone as a cozy mystery but will leave you wanting more. Don’t worry. You can order the previous nine books in the series and there is an eleventh one already in the works.

Suzanne Hurley


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