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Storm Clouds Darken the Conquered South

Storm Clouds Darken the Conquered South

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By Michael Staton

The war’s over for Confederate officer Bill Stamford and his wife Franny, but they soon learn they won’t find peace in North Carolina during Reconstruction. Now newspaper journalists, they champion the cause of freedom for former slaves in a rural county in North Carolina. Bill and Franny find themselves the target of Ku Klux Klan members who threaten to burn down the newspaper office.

Fiery editorials could mean death for Bill and Franny, but they won’t be deterred, even though they have two toddlers. Bill again takes up arms and stands beside Black farmers who defend their homesteads from midnight riders in white robes and masks toting fiery torches.

It’s a balancing act for this young couple who must provide a stable home life for a one-year-boy and a three-year-old girl while helping their Black friends secure civil and voting rights in a Southern town filled with angry whites upset with the changes wrought by the war.


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