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Summy Lu

Summy Lu

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By Kev Richardson

A male novelist’s view of an uneducated widow’s resolve, hampered by the harassments of it being wartime again, as well as the hardships of poverty, to succour her children. In later life, Estelle lays personal problems aside to foster others’ young ones in need of care, guiding their instincts to appreciate those around them.

What They are Saying about Summy Lu

5 Stars!

Well known multi-published historical writer, Kev Richardson's storylines have never disappointed me. He writes this tribute to Summy Lu, a resourceful woman during a time of war. Summy Lu, although living in a time when it wasn't popular to educate the women-folk, nonetheless used her natural instincts to keep her large family together. Richardson presents another vivid war-time account of a woman's struggle against the times.

This gripping tale is a powerful acknowledgement to the ingenuity of one woman who survived during a time when war's influence was tearing families apart. The Adam's family struggled to survive the atrocities of Hitler's war. This book is a keeper. I highly recommend it.

JoEllen – Conger Book Reviews, USA

5 Stars for Summy Lu!

Kev Richardson does it again!

This time it is an uneducated woman’s motherly drive not only bearing and bringing up under hardships, her own children to lead successful lives, yet fosters others in need of care. It illustrates how one can put personal problems aside to overcome her lack of education in order to train all children to consider others.

A capital contribution from a male novelist, to a female’s natural urge to succour children; to help them understand the satisfactions gained from respecting others of all classes.

Libby Abbott – Aussie eBook Reviews

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