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The Best Of The Worst Times

The Best Of The Worst Times

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By Kowanda Stroud

Janiece gets an education in just three short months. In October she learns tolerance from her father’s new helper Jay Sims. In November she learns to forgive her parents for being human. In December she learns patience from Doug Sherman when he finally kisses her for the first time on Christmas day.

Just as the seasons change, so does Janiece. She changes from a silly girl to a teenager with real problems, and yet, she finds a way to deal with each one of them.

What They Are Saying About The Best Of The Worst Times

The Best of the Worst Times is a delightful depiction of life in a small Oklahoma town in a simpler time, when everyone knew their neighbors and doors were left unlocked. Kowanda Stroud weaves the story of Janiece Addison’s coming of age amid the struggles and joys of everyday life. Those of us who grew up in any small town in the late fifties will remember fondly our days at the local movie theatre and sodas shared at the Rexall. Stroud’s story will leave others longing for memories of life in a town like Love, Oklahoma.

—Linda Rettstatt

And the Truth Will Set You Free

August, 2007

Polish up those saddle oxfords and shake out your poodle skirt! In The Best of the Worst Times, author Kowanda Stroud takes the reader on a nostalgic tour of small town life in the 1950’s. In Love, Oklahoma everyone has a secret or two and teen-ager Janiece Addison knows most of them. Though her life is full of the teen trials of the day, such as winning a lock of Elvis’ hair, getting a brand new mouton coat, or getting a kiss from the cutest guy she knows, others in Love don’t have it so easy. Many of the small-town folk who pass through Janiece’s life are flawed but possess the strength to remain hopeful and, as a reader, you find yourself cheering for them.

Ms. Stroud has a wonderful mastery of the language and tone of the times and captures the essence of small town life beautifully. I heartily recommend this wonderful book.

—Rita Thedford

Author of Tempted (Wings ePress)

One Dependable Man (The Wild Rose Press)


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