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The Blue Orchid & Other Tales

The Blue Orchid & Other Tales

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By James Scott DeLane

The Blue Orchid is set in a future world which barely survived slave hunting invaders. Ava and Kurt are two people struggling to make peace with themselves and their ghosts. Their destinies come together at the Ava’s club, the Blue Orchid. The invaders have one last trick that tests the trust they have developed. C3 is set in a rich and powerful future world where the poor are all but invisible. A dancer gets a one in a life time chance to impersonate a royal athlete. Circumstance force her to play a dangerous game with everything to lose and very little to gain. Shelia tells the story of a daring sword man whose world is all but ruined by evil flesh eating creatures. He waits for his death, with no reason to live, until he meets the beautiful Shelia. The Hypo is a tense story of confrontation between a would be killer and a morphine addict impersonating a doctor. These unique stories will live in the readers mind long after the last page is turned.

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