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The Cameron Connection (The Fairy-Tale Mysteries: Book 2)

The Cameron Connection (The Fairy-Tale Mysteries: Book 2)

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By D. H. Parker

A fierce stranger materializes in Robert Bruce Cameron's kitchen wall. Ghost? Time traveler? Or worse?

The stranger, the invisible girl, the Stone of Choosing.... Some weird danger is threatening Sheehan, Missouri. Robert B. and his friend, Clem, must stop it before the whole Cameron clan is zapped out of existence.

What They Are Saying About The Cameron Connection

"This is a book that young people will enjoy reading and one their parents and teachers will be happy to have them read.  D. H. Parker has created a fantasy world full of wonders and dangers, a world her readers will not only believe in but become a part of.

"The story begins with a normal fifteen-year-old boy on a normal day, but things change quickly when a visitor from 1746 arrives.  From the beginning, we are brought into the mind of the young protagonist, experiencing events as he does.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with young Robert Bruce Cameron." 

Kelly Koper, Teacher

Hart County High School,

Munfordville, Kentucky

"The Cameron Connection is a young adult fantasy story about the age-old conflict between good and evil.  Set against a realistic background of modern day Sheehan, Missouri, it’s the tale of Robert Bruce Cameron, a typical teenaged boy with a summer job, a dog, a girlfriend, a sister in jeopardy, parents in Canada, and a big secret.

"For me, the test of a successful fantasy or ghost story lies in the author’s ability to make the reader believe in the impossible.  D. H. Parker is that kind of author.  Filling her book with a wealth of scientific and historical details, she makes time travel, space travel, shape shifters, and a stone with amazing powers seem commonplace.  Adding to the book’s appeal is her command of the Gaelic dialect and her sparkling sense of humor.  There’s even a dog, Dougal, who adds to this humor and has a crucial role in the story.

"Young adults will enjoy The Cameron Connection.  So will older readers, i.e., you and I.  Perhaps some day Ms. Parker will take us back to Sheehan to follow Robert Bruce on another one of his fantastic adventures.  I hope so."

Dorothy Bodoin



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