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The Dashwood Papers

The Dashwood Papers

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By Janice Rossen

A cache of wickedly funny and searingly personal love letters have turned up in a Mayfair flat. Who will profit from them? Miranda, with American enthusiasm, suggests that the uneasy novelist and his literary agent go over together to meet the new owner. Of course, she will accompany them…plunging her into unforeseen adventures, and an unexpectedly surprising paper-chase.

Adrian, a celebrity author, has his reputation at stake. The long past of his Oxford days still haunts him. Nigel, his literary agent, is simply trying to help, as literary papers appear and disappear. Miranda yearns to write a biography of novelist Rosalind Galliard, and perhaps she might find new material?

Oxford in the 1950s and London in the 1990s mesh and collide in a final starling but satisfying resolution. What price fame?


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