By Dorothy Bodoin

An antique television set purchased at an estate sale airs a Western program at random times and stops playing at a suspenseful scene. Could Jennet have bought a haunted TV?

At the sale, Jennet rescues Bronwyn, a collie who will be sent to the pound if she isn’t sold by the end of the day. Jennet matches Bronwyn with Charlotte Gray, whose subsequent disappearance, along with Bronwyn, leads Jennet into mystery and danger.

What They Are Saying About The Deadly Fields of Autumn

Dorothy Bodoin’s twenty-fifth installment of her Foxglove Corners Mystery Series, The Deadly Fields of Autumn, has arrived.

Time to brew some tea, grab some cookies, and lose yourself in Jennet Ferguson’s world, where by profession she is a capable teacher in a high school, but also a skillful and dedicated amateur sleuth in her private life. It is always a good day when a reader can unite with her favorite characters, for along with Jennet we join her husband Crane, friends Camille, Brent, Annica and Lucy, to name a few. They are all equally exciting and compelling in their own ways and bring much depth and interest to these books.

Mystery, intrigue, and collies follow Jennet wherever she goes.

First is the mysterious TV Jennet buys.  Every time she turns it on, she sees a Western movie where the lead cowboy looks exactly like her husband. But only she sees it. No one else can.

Involved in collie rescue, Jennet decides to initiate a new program to place older dogs with seniors. This seems like a terrific idea until an owner, Charlotte Gray, disappears along with her dog Bronwyn.

As if this weren’t enough mystery, a hit and run crash results in the death of a young girl and a mysterious man sporting a beard harasses Jennet on the freeway.

Not to mention, what is going on with Deputy Veronica the Viper, who baked a birthday cake for Crane and seems to be out to destroy Jennet’s and Crane’s marriage?

Along with the intrigue are the delightful stories of Jennet’s battle to teach English to young people who are not so interested and work under a principal who is far from nice. Her classroom stories add even more dimension to Jennet’s complex character.

The book culminates in a breathtaking, heart pounding Halloween party where Jennet comes face to face with pure evil.

The Deadly Fields of Autumn is a book I highly recommend. It is one you will not want to miss.

I also highly recommend the whole Foxglove Corners’ series, for I have read every single installment. It is a cozy mystery series to celebrate and a page-turner to investigate the latest goings on with your favorite characters. I am already looking forward to the next one.

—Suzanne Hurley

Author of The Dream Smasher


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