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The Director

The Director

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By John Paulits

The Director invites nine-year-old Tommy Whitaker to be a character in a book set in 1957. The trouble begins in the Regal movie theatre, where after the Saturday matinee. Elwood Wambo, the strange caretaker of the movie theatre, hires Tommy and his 1957 best friend, Mouse, to stay behind on future Saturdays to clean the theatre when the movie is over.

The boys later learn that Wambo and his partner Jeremy are part of a gang of thieves. When their friend Smitty’s bike is stolen and when Smitty himself mysteriously disappears, Tommy and his two friends Mouse and Royal vow to solve the mysteries of their missing friend, his missing bike…and a murder.

What They Are Saying About The Director

When I read THE DIRECTOR I both laughed and cried, it touched me so.

Charlie Hegh

Both children and adults will enjoy this book; children for the excitement; adults for the memories. I've reread THE DIRECTOR twice already and liked it better each time.

Tom Smith


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