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The Dog From The Sky (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 9)

The Dog From The Sky (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 9)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

Jennet’s life takes a dangerous turn when she rescues an abused collie left for dead in the woods. Elsewhere in Foxglove Corners, a girl vanishes without a trace. Ironically she had also rescued an abused collie. Is there a connection between these incidents? And how does the mysterious woman who resurrects a disbanded animal rights group fit into the puzzle?

What They Are Saying About The Dog From the Sky

Dorothy Bodoin’s Foxglove Series is like a box of your favorite chocolates. You can’t just stop at one, but must forge on until all are eaten. They are that delicious. Once you finish one of Ms. Bodoin’s mysteries, you will discover how addictive they are and before you know it, you’ll be racing to read them all, devouring every single word.

THE DOG FROM THE SKY’ is the latest book in her series. Number nine. It is a must read and will continue to delight you as you hang out with Jennet and Crane Ferguson, their friends and neighbors and especially their family of collies. Jennet’s escapades will delight, captivate and draw you in from the get go. You will enjoy it so much, you will never want the book to end.

Suzanne Hurley

THE DOG FROM THE SKY is the ninth book in Ms. Bodoin's Foxglove Corners mystery series. It can easily be read as a stand-alone, but don't deny yourself the pleasure of reading the whole series, especially if you love dogs and great writing. Highly recommended!


Donna (D.H.) Parker



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