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The Door In The Fog (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 16)

The Door In The Fog (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 16)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

A wounded dog disappears in the fog. A blue door on the side of a barn vanishes. Strange wildflowers and a sound of weeping haunt a meadow. The woods keep their secret, and a curse refuses to die.

It’s another typical summer in Foxglove Corners.

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The Door in the Fog

Just in time for Christmas, Dorothy Bodoin’s new Foxglove Corner mystery, entitled The Door in the Fog, will be published on the first of November. I have already marked this date on my calendar, for any day that begins with a Bodoin book is a special day. It is not only the perfect gift to give yourself but to others, as well, and remember, you are not only giving a book but hours of pleasurable reading – the best gift ever.

The Door in the Fog marks the sixteenth book in Bodoin’s series and once again, readers will be thrust into the life of Jennet Ferguson, her husband Crane and their many friends and neighbors, not to mention their precious collies. After sixteen books, they will have established themselves as friends and the reader will wait from book to book to see how they’re doing and what complications they have in their lives. No doubt about it – Jennet always manages to find herself in the midst of murder, theft, curses and problems, with a touch of the supernatural woven throughout the stories.

Suzanne Hurley

The Door in the Fog

A cornflower blue door appears and promptly disappears on an old, abandoned barn. A wounded collie stumbles into the fog and vanishes. Another dog, fashioned of lightning, flashes in and out of existence. A cursed painting of a girl with collies wreaks havoc in the lives of anyone who owns it. The history of a ghost who haunts the new Inn.

There are enough spooky and irrational happenings in the town of Foxglove Corners to set Jennet Ferguson adrift in a sea of mysteries. And seeing things that weren't there was getting to be a habit with her. When Terra, the leader of the Lakeville Collie Rescue League, disappears along with her collie and all the League's money, Jennet and her friend Annica start sleuthing once again, this time undaunted by a psychic's warning to be careful.  

The Door in the Fog is another delightful novel in the Foxglove Corners mystery series with all the familiar characters and places, and a few new ones thrown in to make things interesting. The twists and turns keep the reader in suspense until all the mysteries are solved and everything that can be explained is, in a satisfying, albeit somewhat mystifying, ending. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I highly recommend it to all cozy mystery lovers. 

Evelyn Cullet

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