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The Earl’s Ugly Mistress

The Earl’s Ugly Mistress

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By Lynn Shurr

This story grew out of an earlier book in the Longleigh Chronicles, Lion in the Heather, when Lady Flora, who prides herself on matchmaking, is asked by her feminist daughter, Pandora, to find a husband for Lucia Stilwell, a homely spinster of twenty-four with a small dowry and a tart tongue, but strong character. Quite a challenge for both me and Flora. What better idea than to pair her with the newly blinded Earl of Edgemont, a man sunk into depression, that only a woman who will show him no pity can breach?

After Lucia leads him into a garden he knows well, giving him tips to find his way back before she leaves him, Edgemont asks her to move to his estate and teach him more. He contends that he can no longer be a gentleman who can ride, shoot, play at swords, gamble, and whore, but Lucia finds ways for him to accomplish all of that and more. She comes to love him, but knows theirs would be a match of unequals. Even worse, he seems to be regaining his sight and will soon see her as she is, a woman often mocked for her looks. Lucia makes an excuse to leave, but will he follow her now that he can do as he wishes and marry whom he will?

I had so much fun writing this as Lucia teaches him how to cheat at cards and braves a bawdy house to find a woman to restore his confidence in bed. Once a reader for the blind, I was able to use much I learned from them.

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