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The Homesteader's Legacy (The Homesteader Series Book 2)

The Homesteader's Legacy (The Homesteader Series Book 2)

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By Mary Jean Kelso

A young girl's scream, a baby's wail, and a toddler's cry broke the quiet of the countryside near Moriarty, New Mexico. Although unheard by neighbors too distant to help, their voices screeched a heartrending cry.

Their mother lay writhing in pain at their feet.

What They Are Saying About The Homesteader’s Legacy

The Homesteader’s Legacy is an incredible story that sparked my interest as soon as I started reading. Having read the first book, then reading about Molly in this one, my heart sank. I could feel the trepidation and sorrow that the family felt during this time. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Molly. Andy, who is becoming a mature young man, finds his heart smitten with a young girl, Becky, and Rosie, has her own little bout to deal with in this saga of a growing family that touches the heart and shows the backbone of the real frontier life. Mary Jean Kelso creates unforgettable characters that jump from the pages. She paints descriptive scenes that allow the reader to visualize everything in the background. This book is so astonishing it is like a sponge absorbing the reader’s complete attention. I love the stories that Ms. Kelso writes. She makes her characters believable while making them always a part of the heart.

—Linda L Lattimer

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