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The House In The Steeple

The House In The Steeple

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By Jane Hollingsworth

After five years in a nightmare of a marriage, Bedie Breckenridge wanted only two things - a child to love and the absence of men. Eleven year old June, psychic and secretive, wouldn't give two cents for the finest foster mother on earth. But she did love old houses, this one in particular, and was willing to do anything in order to call it home. Even keep the secret that a vicious entity inhabited her room.

When Bedie finds that June's murderous brother is stalking the child, she turns to parole officer Tom Lillard for help. While Bedie and Tom struggle to keep the child safe, June is fighting an entity who is as determined as she. Is the creature also responsible for the very different assaults on Bedie? To defeat it, Bedie and June will risk everything…

What They Are Saying About The House In The Steeple

“If you are looking for an eerie tale of the supernatural, THE HOUSE IN THE STEEPLE is a thrilling read. Fans of the paranormal will enjoy it!”

Tracy Farnsworth
Romance Reviews Today

“Jane Hollingsworth deepens the mystery and builds the suspense to keep you reading from page one to the end. You may not want to turn off the lights when you leave The House In the Steeple!”

Reviewed by Brenda Gayle
of The Write Lifestyle

“This is one of the finest novels I've read in a time too long to count. Flawlessly written, the story caught me by the throat and wouldn't let go. The menacing otherworldly entity felt real. So real I had to put the book down so I could breathe! Jane Hollingsworth scared me good and proper. I loved it!”

Allene Frances, Author

“The tension in the scenes with the exciting paranormal activity was so thick the hair on my arms stood up. An extremely unique plot and wonderful elements of surprise helped draw the reader into the story. Exhilarating suspense builds until the last page…an exceptional plot makes for a good read.”

Jennifer Kaiser
Scribes World Reviews

“An enjoyable jaunt into the far reaches of the mind. **** Four Stars”

Kimberly L. Brown and Lani Roberts
Affaire de Coeur


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