By Linda Suzane

When Gwen returns to Hillside Cottage on Mt. Tampalasis in California to create a murder mystery game for Lawrence Van Hise's seventieth birthday, she finds herself trying to solve a twenty year old mystery, then the night of the party, Lawrence is found dead, and it appears someone is trying to frame Gwen.

What They Are Saying About The Murder Game

“The author has constructed a compelling plot and intriguing characters. Reminescent of Agatha Christie, this story manages to give the reader a fresh look at an old subject, complete with twists and turns in the plot. Look out for red herrings.”

—Anne K. Edwards

Author: Death on Delivery

“Excellent, well written narrative. Writer Suzane has produced a gripping tale filled with the twists and turns found in Christine Spindler’s Faces of Fears along with the suspense filled good writing of William Manchee in his Stan Turner Mystery series. The Murder Game is a book which will keep you turning the pages. With each aha! Now I know who did it, you will find a fresh red herring to throw you into confusion.”

—Molly Martin

Reviewer and author

The Murder Game is fast paced with numerous twists and turns, throwing in a little romance along the way. This was definitely a fun read.”

—Lorie Ham

Author Out of Tune